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41 ways to find Customers!!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

1. Make a list of everyone you know…friends, church members, teachers, family, social media, phone…

2. Referrals-Ask everyone client and facial for the name of at least 5 people who would enjoy a free makeover

3. Model Makeovers for your before and after portfolio

4. Business card with samples

5. Hostess specials

6. Item for a Penny-invite 3 or more non-MK over 18 guests

7. Scavenger Hunt

8. Conversational Booking for Weekly Event Face Model

9. Brides

10. New Mom’s

11. Newcomers to town

12. Second facials with friends from facials

13. Open houses for Christmas, new product launches, new seasons

14. Teachers

15. Members of any organization that may give address lists

16. Signs at apartment complexes and grocery stores…any bulletin boards

17. PTA

18. Husband’s office

19. Offices like doctor or dentist, leave look book

20. Recall canceled appts

21. Bridal or Baby showers

22. Go to organizations, girl scout troops, retirement homes and offer your service to teach about skincare and glamour techniques

23. Have birthday party makeovers at your home once a month

24. Flyers in your neighborhood or outside neighborhoods

25. Pass out look books and say “oh, by the way this is for you…”

26. Wild deliveries to clients with balloons…be sure to give her extra books and sales tickets

27. Turn facials into classes, “Oh by the way, I can do 3 or 4 faces as easily as one so if you’d like to share your appt with a few friends we’ll have lots of fun. And you know as women we don’t even like to go to the bathroom alone. Ha Ha”

28. Reprogram clients for the new season

29. Go to utility departments to get lists of newcomers

30. Check newspaper, social media for awards to professional women and call to congratulate them

31. Set up at clothes stores and help women shop, then ask them to enter into a drawing

32. Check the city directory at the library

33. Call business owners and offer to do a Seminar on How to Make A Good First Impression

34. Leave your business cards in bathrooms of restaurants, etc with glamour samples

35. At golf club houses, leave your business cards with golf tees attached

36. Ask co-workers from past jobs

37. Ask your hairdresser to refer her clients to you and you will do the same to her

38. Ask professionals to be your model at the sales celebration so they can network their business

39. Do a before/after portfolio for only professionals and put their business card with the picture

40. Do mother/daughter makeovers

41. Ask dermatologists or plastic surgeons if you can show them our product line and work out a plan to work with them with their recovery patients

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