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Appt Tips from Julie

Prepping for your FIRST party is worth the effort because your results will repay for your time invested!!!

I use a free APP and it's available online to use on your computer called JOTFORM. Here is a link to reuse my Beauty Session Profile to give to my bookings prior to meeting and for them to share with their guests attending. CURRENT FLYERS/CLOSING SHEETS AND OTHER INFO IN MY DROPBOX. Just save the file to your computer and then you can edit to use at your appts: Referral Sheet to print for party: Referral Game Sheet So here are a few tips on how to create a solid close for YOU!!!

  • Make a transition from makeover to sales with something simple like… "Who fell in love with at least one product? If you are like me, when I go shopping, I hit the sale rack first. Who wants to know my deals and sales?" Raise your hand. "You have 2 options on how to go home with Mary Kay today....First you can join me and my team. $30 to give it a try and get $50 off active orders OR Second you can become my VIP Customer." I show her the sets sheet that I am offering. I have several printed in a binder so I pull out we actually used today to show her my deals.

  • Be sure that you tell them of your payment plans at the beginning with something like…"You are getting the opportunity today to try the MK products before buying, but do remember that you are under no obligation to purchase today. However, if you do get tempted and there are some items that you would like then I do have on-the-spot delivery for most everything plus I take charge/check/cash and I have a variety of payment options. Basically, if there is something you want.....I'll find a way for you to get it even if it's free." Remind them of your payments again at the end.

  • Julie's Power Close Questions. Once I go over the sets and reminded them that they can join my team. I finish with an ABCD question. No wrong answer and you may have more than one letter.

A= Alot please or All please. I love everything that I tried today.

B= Bits and Pieces please. I don't need it all but I saw several things that I need.

C= Considering the Consultant option for $30 and 50% off

D= Don't need anything right now but I will make a dream list of what I liked

  • When you individually close each guest. You know exactly how to work with her based on what she wants/needs.

A= she wants it all so start with all and work to what she really wants to buy. If over $200 then I remind her that C would be even a better deal since the minimum order is $225/year

B= I like to create a deal based on what she does want. I will make her dream list and then give about 15% off if she gets all that she wants. OR I'll do a BOGO like Buy one get One half off. What she doesn't need today or can't afford then we talk about a party to get the rest free.

C= Ask if she has any questions or can we just get her signed up. I go over the kit options of $30 or $130 plus the $45 add on based on what she wants to do with her MK in the first 30 days.

D= Start her Dream list on a Sales Ticket (so you can give her a copy) with all that she liked. You can suggest the party option to get most or all of her drean list for free. Or the 50% option of joining your team.

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