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My role as your Director is to train, motivate, educate and mentor you to YOUR decided level of Success. Whether you choose to work Mary Kay as a Hobby or as a Career, I am here for you.  The most important aspect of your training is your willingness to learn...everything in this business can be taught.  YOU just need to ask for help and be coachable.  Ready to get started?!

Here are a few steps to get your business going!

  • Log on to with your Consultant ID and create a password.  When you are in there, you may want to reconsider these options:

    • set up your Mary Kay Web Site 

    • set up your ProPay Account so you are able to process debit/credit cards, place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MK Connections”, then click on “ProPay”

    • Apply for the MK Rewards Credit Card.  Zero interest for 12 months. $100 refund. No annual fee. 3% back on MK purchases and more perks. This is an easy way to manage your MK money and track your expenses by using one card for your business.  You can also use it for your first order. Go to Ordering>MKConnections and click the Chase Card icon.

  • Attend your first weekly event!  You will be presented with your Mary Kay Logo Pin so bring along friends who will celebrate with you.  They will also join in the makeup workshop.  Earn while you learn!!  Please be sure to wear Mary Kay business attire (dress or skirt)   Go to Events above for the HYBRID option to come in person or virtually.

  • Use the plus the Current Look Book to show and sell to your friends & family. You don't have to wait for your first appointment. You can start taking orders now.  Go to your app store on your phone and add the Mary Kay app and Great Starts so you easily share digitally


  • Book your Kick off Party.  Use this: Tips on your Kick Off Party to help you.  Book and hold in your first 15 days to earn the Mary Kay MONEY BAG!!!  Set up a Facebook Group and throw a "block party" or make it a virtual zoom party with or without sending samples.  

  • Your first order is the most important because of all the FREE BONUSES you can get! Please watch the video to learn all the details.  Here's a video from me on Inventory.  9 min video/ be sure you are logged into Intouch to watch.


  • Make a List of Everyone You Know!  Write all the names leaving a space in a notebook to keep track of...I call this your "Chicken Book" to "book, book, book". :)  Who is in your cell phone, email, my space and facebook?  Then ask yourself...who is in their cell phone, email, my space and facebook?

Texts to get your first bookings!!!

Hi! I'm so excited to have just started my own Mary Kay business and I need your help! To finish my training, I need to practice on 30 faces during my first 30 days and really want to get YOUR opinion! It's free and fun and you can even share with up to 3 friends to help reach my goal faster AND I'll have some super cool gifts for you to thank you. Would you rather come alone or share with friends?
Next text: OMG Thank you so much. My next available appts are Thur @ 7 or Sat @ 10am. Which works best for you? (best to offer a day and one evening or weekend based on your availability)

  • Your kit is an amazing supply of tools and training to help you get on your way to sharing the Mary Kay products with FACES!  Women who are looking for a great product at a great price from someone who will take the time and give them great customer service in the years to come.  CALL/TEXT your Recruiter and Director to let them know it's arrived!!  You will need to add: cotton pads, cotton balls and pens to hold your first appt along with what store you have to sell.  If you got the estart then you may want to consider the real kit now if you are want to do in-person or virtual sessions.

  • Pop Interview is sharing the Mary Kay story and personal journey with women we want to enrich their lives. We will set up times in your first two weeks to have your first practice interviews with me to earn your Pearls of Sharing jewelry set!  BUT don't wait on me...start sharing with your friends and family! Who will be your first Team Member? Pearls can only be earned your first month! 

    • First 3 practice Interviews = Earrings

    • Complete 3 more = Bracelet

    • First team member in your first 30 days  = Necklace

  • Become a Red Jacket (3+ active team members) in your first 30 days = personalized RED STILLETOS


  • The company has free online training that you do at your own pace. Get the GREAT STARTS app on your phone for podcasts and trainings like MKUniversity.


  • Keep track of all your expenses and especially your mileage used for business!

Julie's Money Monday video: 


  • Make plans to attend events and celebrations all year long!  In the Spring is Career Conference hosted by corporate and NSDs in a city near you.  In the Summer is Seminar hosted by corporate to celebrate our year long goals for Diamonds, Cadillacs, Trips, Stars as well as the best of the best to train and inspire. This is always located in Dallas, TX.  In the Fall is an Advance hosted by your Director or National to give you tips and ideas to get you through the biggest retail season of the year.  Your Director may have a quarterly event to celebrate STARS & CARS along with a weekly training event for you to earn while you learn. If you aren't local to me then I will find a Director to adopt you for local training and support while still having me as your Mary Kay "momma"!

  • Be a GREAT time and money manager by using your Weekly Plan Sheet | Excel and your online Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS). This is also a very simple way to keep track of sales for your tax purposes.  Remember that Time and Money Management is really about priority management.  Spending your time and your money based on what is most important to YOU.

My priorities as your Sales Director are (1) my personal business, (2) new consultants, and (3) unit members who have big goals. Communicating with me for your first 8-10 weeks is essential. You are free to email, text, voxer and call my cell anytime!! NEVER feel like you're bothering me or that I am too busy! I LOVE hearing your good news, questions and concerns!  My success depends on you too so know that I am invested in YOUR success!  


Excited to be working with you and 100% believing in you, Julie


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