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The Truth Can Hurt

Updated: May 2, 2021

Sometimes truth can hurt... Sometimes the truth can hurt only when it steps on your toes....I have had my toes stepped on alot to open my eyes to what really needs to get done if I want the goals and dreams that I have set for myself. I remember whining to my NSD Helen Titus, years ago before she retired. It was my first year and I was pregnant. I was whining about how ''my car wasn't happening fast enough and how I needed before the baby came. I am doing everything right but the results weren't the same for me as many of the other ladies at the monthly Moving up class we were at. I just..." Then she ever so kindly said, "Julie, get the I out of it and put YOU into your business and you'll be amazed at how others will reply." She was right...I was so concerned about MY goals that I wasn't putting the sign MK told us to put on everyone, "Make me feel important." So I hope your toes ache for a minute...your success is just around the corner!! Oh I picked up the car 9 months after Chris was born but now I know that it was God's plan because it would have been challenging to keep when Chris went into the hospital for 2 weeks at one month old...and the work I did as I strived for the goal sustained us financially during that time too! Amen! Awesome revelation..asked if I could share and she graciously said yes. How many have felt the same as Carol? You know what they say, "admittance is the first step to recovery." What is keeping you from success??? If I can do this with all my baggage from my youth, then so can you!! It's a decision to find a way or make a's about being bold and being creative. It's finding a way around the challenge and calling someone for help, instead of wallowing in the pity of how 'it's just not for you.' Why do others have success and you don't...they kept on going WITH a positive, hopeful attitude that it will work with persistence and consistency. How many times have you been a Star this year? The successful know that it's not an option...don't you need to profit at least $150 a week??? That's what it takes to be a Star! Sell $300 a week and order $600 a month. Shine! Julie

----- Original Message ----- Dear Julie, I don't know whether you remember my name but we had talked in the spring via email and once we talked on the phone about working this business and the warm-chattering scripts you use. Thanks again for those words and your very valuable time but this email is to thank you more for the words you wrote in the email"MK can pay off your debts". The words "Never should a MK consultant say I can't afford BUT can say I am too lazy to work" really hit home. I have hidden behind I am too fearful of rejection, I am not a "Barbie Doll" so people will judge my size, I don't have time and while some baggage might be there none is so much the truth as being too LAZY to do the work. Thanks for the truth. Now daily, as I figure out a way to work in my 40 day Blitz into my schedule, I will ask myself, "Are you being too lazy to figure out how to go over, around, under, or through??" I see that it truly has been a case of sear LAZINESS to get the job done. Thanks!!

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